We offer collection and recycling services through the recovery of waste from your packaging: wood, plastic, metal (non-hazardous waste).

According to GD 856/2002

We provide you the achievement of the annual objectives of recovery of packaging waste, in accordance with the national and international normative acts in force.

Law 211/2011

 Law 211/ 2011 on the waste regime, published in the Official Gazette no. 837 of November 25, 2011 repealing GEO 78 2000.

  • Gov. Dec. 856 / 16.08.2002 regarding the records of the waste management.
  • Gov. Dec. 621/2005 on the management of packaging and packaging waste
  • Gov. Dec. 1872/2006 for the modification and completion of GD no. 621/2005 regarding the management of packaging and packaging waste.

Order 1229/2005 for the approval of the Procedure and criteria for authorizing the economic operators to take over and the responsibility regarding the achievement of the annual objectives of recovery and recycling of packaging waste.

Order 927 of October 6, 2005 on the procedure for reporting data on packaging and packaging waste.

Order 794 of February 6, 2012 (Order 794/2012) on the procedure for reporting data on packaging and packaging waste.

Order 578/2006 approving the methodology for calculating the contribution and taxes due to the Environmental Fund, as subsequently amended and supplemented (Order 192/2014, Order 2413/2016).

The collection waste of packaging is done from the working point of the generator, the transport being provided by us, but it can also be done at our working points.

The resulting waste is recycled and turned into reusable packaging, so we are the final recyclers.

Thus we ensure the traceability, issuing the documents necessary to fulfill the objectives of annual recovery, to the National Environment Agency.

Our employees receive the necessary documents to meet the annual recycling objectives.

For these activities, we hold the necessary environmental permits.

Through recycling we leave a better world for our children!

Waste recycling gallery:


We buy any type of pallets, box pallets and plastic, wood or metal packaging.


We offer repair, reconditioning and maintenance services for the pallets you use. Throughout the repairs, we provide you pallets to use.


We provide distribution services, for all categories of ordered goods and in case of emergency. In the case of large or repeated demands, pallets are distributed free of charge.


By renting, we provide you with all the types of pallets, box pallets or packages you need. The recovery of the rented pallets can also be done by us, directly from your clients to whom you have sent goods with pallets rented from us (if they are located in Romania, Hungary or Northern Italy).


We offer technical consulting services in the following fields:

  • pallets
  • industrial packaging (wood, metal, plastic, cardboard)
  • non-hazardous waste recycling
  • customs procedures and legislation in the field of packaging